Recently, I had the pleasure of spending a week and a half in Guam while my lovely wife Toni was passing through on business. It’s kinda funny to fly from Japan to an American Territory and find the two very similar in lots of ways. In Tumon Bay where we stayed, the scenery was that of a swanky resort area while the rest of the island is very rustic having a beauty all it’s own. The weather was really hit and miss with quite a bit of afternoon rain, but of course, that lead directly to the images featured below.

I didn’t even come close to exploring all that I could of the rugged interior and the coast, but I really did enjoy what little I saw. I was very fortunate to stay at the Hotel Nikko on the top floor with a fantastic view overlooking Gun Beach and the Pacific Ocean. One evening, while admiring yet another delightful sunset, my wife and I saw two long canoes apparently racing around a buoy just off shore. Their timing was perfect and the light was even better!

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Copyright 2010 Michael Ross Photography

Sunset over Tumon Bay from the Hotel Nikko.

Copyright 2010 Michael Ross Photography

Sunset over Tumon Bay and two canoes racing through the calm seas.

All Photos Copyright 2010 Michael Ross Photography