So here we are, finally in Germany, we have a house lined up, we have a car and I’ve been doing a lot of playing with my iPhone! I’ve actually been shooting much more with my iPhone than I have been with my 5D rig. Biggest reason? Size. Second? Weight. It’s totally liberating to have an internet connected (in DE at least…we need to track down data sim’s for other countries) compact camera. I’ve actually never owned a camera more compact than a Canon FTb, so this is new, wonderful territory for me. Add in Snapfish, Instagram and Hipstamatic and you have a photographer’s dream. Yes, I’m many years behind here. I blame living in Japan before the iPhone and many smart phones became as mainstream and affordable than they are today. In any case, I’m having a great time with all the avenues to share my work and as a side effect, I have been neglecting my blog again…not cool!

(For those interested and connected, my Instagram handle is travelingross)

So I’m making a more concerted effort to post and tell some of the stories that I’ve lived in the last three weeks since arriving here. Uploading photos from my phone is being a bit of a pain over our temp lodging dsl, so I’ll be posting more when I’m connected via my laptop.

Here are a couple of shots so far taken with IG to whet your appetite while I get some dinner. I’ll be back later with at least one story!