Crazy waves and sea spray as well as snow in the rocks and cliffs off the Noto Peninsula.

From Lamp no Yado, Toni and I decided to take a drive along the coast of the northern tip of the Noto Peninsula on the second day. The weather had turned for the worse as far as walking goes, but really not too bad for pictures… at least for the times when the snow was light enough to not coat my lens as soon as I uncovered it. Shooting was further complicated by the fact that the road had no shoulder for stopping and parking. That meant that there was often a long walk in between wherever we parked and where I shot making some locations if not impossible, very difficult and very uncomfortable. Consequently, I don’t have some shots I would like to have captured. I guess you win some and you lose some!

In any case, the trip around the peninsula was awesome and absolutely bone chillingly cold. The coast is very similar to what I’ve seen of northern California with very dark, rough exposed rock and cliffs. The seas were also extremely rough and the snow was falling thickly, so photographic opportunities abounded!

Here are some of my favorites from our little round-about: