A Japanese White Macaque drinking from an onsen in Nagano Prefecture.

Snow Monkeys, or Japanese White Macaques, are one of the iconic sights of winter in Japan. This was the second time I was able to make the trip to an onsen in Nagano prefecture that is frequented by the local snow monkeys. Unfortunately for me, there wasn’t much snow on either trip and very little fell out of the sky, so in my opinion, there’s a little something missing from the images. That aside, I always enjoy these little guys and would have spent a lot more time with them if I wasn’t feeling a little like death. Oh, well.

The stand out monkey during the time we were there was this little guy (I have no idea how to gauge the age of monkeys, so this guy could have been any age) who was riding around on the adults in the pool and generally learning from them. The look on his face (I say ‘his’ for expediency, but it could have been a girl) was just priceless and made my being sick a lot easier to bear.

Enjoy these select photos and drop by my website for more:

The first gallery is the most recent and the second is from 2009.