A downed leaf creating wonderful contrast with both the color and texture of the brick pavers.

I went on a photo walk this past weekend with my friend and in his capacity that day, teacher, Alfie Goodrich (of Japanorama.co.uk). There were a couple other students on the walk as well and we all had a great time capturing the changing leaves in a lovely wooded ravine in Todoroki, Tokyo. Alfie is a great teacher and I really enjoy the walks he leads as he pushes me and makes me think more about what I’m doing photographically. The Japanese are great about leaving green areas, even small ones, in the immense urban sprawl that is the Kanto Plain. The Todoroki Ravine is a wonderful example of this with little tea houses and a wonderfully positioned temple at the southern end that puts the photographer (and worshiper) at canopy level. The leaves were about mid-change when we walked through, so I reckon that right about now, they’re in full colors. Even only partially changed, the colors were brilliant and the atmosphere delightful! Hit the jump for a couple of my favorites from the day and of course, many more are posted to my gallery site.