Sitting in the Navy Gateway Inn and Suites in Norfolk, VA on my last days on an epic (for me at least) two month trip through the States, I’m looking back at the best locations I visited photographically. My wife, Toni, was sent to several locations in the States for an advanced school and some other training that is hard to come by in Japan where we live. I haven’t been in the country (Guam doesn’t really count) since we left for Japan two years ago and it’s been great re-connecting with places from our past. We haven’t been able to make it everywhere (most notably missing from the itinerary are Denver and Atlanta and my apologies to my friends and family there who I missed), but we hit both coasts and spent a little time in Texas too.

In the following posts, I’ll be highlighting my favorite locations I was able to shoot along the journey.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!