Yesterday I took the half hour walk into base, mostly so I wouldn’t have to recover my car later. There was drinking on the menu and due to Japan’s very strict drinking and driving laws, the policy here is literally “one and done.” For 8 hours. So the hotrod stayed home. Walking outside means that the camera comes too and yesterday I took a new route with the hopes of seeing some new scenery. It was ever so slightly different with the obvious different houses and restaurants, but one thing really caught my eye.

For those who do not know, Brabus is a German tuning company that usually specializes in turning Mercedes and Maybachs into luxury supercars. It’s funny then that they would tackle a car so small and modestly powered. They haven’t done that much more than boost the engine with a better supercharger and some sporty body work, wrapping it all up in the Brabus name, but it still took me my surprise and made me giggle a bit seeing a small city car dressed in the trim of a luxury supercar.

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