Welcome to my photo blog! I am an award winning professional photographer living in Heinsberg, Germany, way on the western extreme of the country. My work started with a small daily newspaper in Marietta, GA and has continued through wedding photography and has more recently morphed into travel/fine art photograph. Everything that I do, be it strict representational visual journalism or more abstract portraiture and landscape interpretations, follow strict ethos as dictated by the genere. For journalistic work, I fully subscribe to the NPPA code of ethics. For all other work, I try to represent things as I see them, not necessarily as every observer would, well, observe. Each approach will be evident and no attempt will be made to blur the line between. This blog is intended to showcase new work, explain techniques and invite questions/comments/criticisms of any of the above, as well as promoting sales I may be having and any upcoming events. Please feel free to browse my gallery site as well at: photos.travelingross.com

Thanks for dropping by!

Michael Ross