The view from our deck at Lamp no Yado looking out at the Sea of Japan.

From Wanosato, we trekked north along various expressways and eventually smaller roads to the very northern tip of the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture. It was a really neat trip through the Northern Alps out of the high passes into the coastal plains on the north coast of Honshu. It was very interesting to see how the architecture and even roof colors changed as we traveled from our house in the Kanto Plain to the north coast areas. The areas around Toyama were arranged in small farm-like groups with little groupings of houses in the center of rather small, but still significant fields. Pretty neat to see the other side of the spacial arrangement formula here in Japan.

In any case, once we entered the Noto, the weather was really cool. At first, it was sunny and extremely windy and as we were driving up a coastal road, we could see the Sea of Japan roaring and generally trying to erode all of Japan all at once. Huge waves, huge noise and huge wind… cool, but not really conducive to shooting, especially since we were locked into the toll road that runs the length of the peninsula. All in all, it was a great drive on the coast and when we turned inland, things began changing pretty dramatically. The skies clouded over and we had alternately rain and snow… back to the weather we were used to!

As we neared our destination, we drove along the northern coast of the Noto and passed through many abandoned looking towns along the way (it was the winter after all). The weather was again very much not conducive to shooting and we were in a little bit of a time crunch getting to the ryokan, so we decided not to stop on the way in and spend the next day rambling along the coast. We checked into our villa and spent the evening marveling at the view from our deck and prepared for our exploration the next day!