Wow, I really hadn’t realized that it had been so long since my last post. No excuses for it, just an oops moment.

So I’ve been struggling with the Lion upgrade and Aperture along with the legions of others using older hardware. I did finally stumble onto a solution that has reverted my machine to its former Snow Leopard zippiness and has made me happy again. Turns out my 2007 MBP (3,1) doesn’t do well with the 64 bit kernel enabled and simply switching to booting in 32 bit mode solved all my performance problems! Happy day for me!

So while I was converting my libraries to the current version, I popped in and looked at some shots from a photo walk with Alfie (Japanorama) earlier this year. It was a stroll through some neighborhoods around…damned if I can remember. I do recall that we were headed away from the Ginza, but beyond that, I’m totally clueless. Just serves to remind me that I need an iPhone as soon as humanly possible. So anyways, while wandering around through streets and alleys, some really neat solitary scenes caught my eye. One thing I notice every time I walk out my door is the abundance of contrasting texture around me. These images strike me as both totally different and quite similar (if you squint) and both have a sense to me of being very, very Japan. The mix of textures caught my attention and only after taking a second pass through did I notice the chroma similarities. What’s interesting to me is that they both have a similar feel to them but have totally disparate subject matter. The solitary phone on a cold concrete wall and the warmth from inside an apartment with a homey touch.

Score one for reviewing and reprocessing images! It’s fun to find these sorts of relationships between images and sometimes you really need to let some time elapse between taking the shots and processing so that the initial thoughts and feelings can pass, allowing you to look at things in a totally different light. I’ve found lately that I fall into processing ruts applying presets that I make and at times, I forget to experiment with each individual image. Not everything has to be a big set or series every time! So without any further ado, here are the two images that I feel best fit into the above rant. I’ve discovered a couple of others that fit, but it remains to be seen if I’ll add them to this list.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more…I promise that it won’t be this long again before my next post!