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I made a trip to a park just around the corner from our home. I never even knew it was there until a friend mentioned it and subsequently I found it on Google Earth. It is fantastic! It is really a great place to have a picnic, go for a run or walk, or, during a certain magical time of year, view the cherry blossoms, or Sakura. I went just for this reason as the trees are in full bloom and have just begun to drop their petals. I am really enjoying the outdoor aspects of living where we do and am excited to explore and discover more!
Sakura Blooms 16.jpgSakura Blooms 5.jpgSakura Blooms.jpgSakura Blooms 7.jpgSakura Blooms 9.jpgSakura Blooms 11.jpgSakura Blooms 12.jpgSakura Blooms 19.jpgSakura Blooms 22.jpgSakura Blooms 2.jpgSakura Blooms 6.jpgSakura Blooms 8.jpgSakura Blooms 4.jpgSakura Blooms 10.jpgSakura Blooms 13.jpgSakura Blooms 14.jpgSakura Blooms 17.jpgSakura Blooms 18.jpgSakura Blooms 20.jpgSakura Blooms 21.jpg