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Images I shot on a trip to Anacapa Island off the Califoria coast near Oxnard. We road a boat for about an hour to the island where we had roughly 4 hours to explore and hike around before the trip back. As small as this island is, 4 hours was right about perfect for being able to see the whole island and loiter for a bit in the more interesting parts. These shots are processed to match what I saw in my mind, not necessarily what the scene looked like that day. If I was shooting on film, it would be akin to shooting on Velvia 25 slide film through a Holga medium format camera. The advantage to processing for the effect is that I get to use a variety of focal lengths and still maintain the look I had in my head. The reason for shooting with this effect in mind was that the sun was high in the sky reducing contrast and color saturation. The Holga effect (minus the focusing difficulties inherent in the design) brings back a great deal of contrast and color (via the approximation of the film type) as well as a significant vignette. I also processed a select few as TMAX 400 black and white film to highlight texture and shapes.