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Day one of our Kyoto trip. Starting near Kyoto Station, a Huge temple complex under construction, some views from the hotel room, and a little stroll in the rain to Arashiyama on the outskirts of Kyoto. The Arashiyama bit wouldn't have been nearly as picturesque without the rain in my opinion, and it really didn't keep us from doing anything that day. I just wish I had taken my big camera. The G10 takes a mean picture, but it just can't beat the large sensor of the 5D and steady hand.
Day two took us to several shrines and temples as well as the Gion district of Kyoto. Amazing sight seeing and cultural sightseeing as we saw several Geisha on our tour.
Day Three had us searching in vain for souvenirs in the morning and then finding them at the end of our sake tasting tour at the Geikekkan Sake Brewery.
Day four brought us to Nijo Castle in the center of Kyoto. The former seat of the Imperial family, the castle is home to such attractions as the Nightingale Floor (which you aren't allowed to photograph) and several large halls where official business was once carried out. Then it was back on the Shinkansen and back home to Ebina!